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The Right CDL Training For The Right Jobs
There are plenty of Visalia truck driving schools to choose from, but not all training was created equal. With all the fly-by-night schools teaching subpar trucking skills, you want to make sure that you sign up with a school that is recognized by all of the major carriers as an reputable training provider. uses the latest vehicles, the latest training materials and is recognized as a leader in truck driving training by all the major trucking carriers, including:

Why Choose Us?

Our programs are designed to introduce students to the procedures and skills found in the truck driving industry while preparing each individual to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Students will develop the skills necessary to operate a commercial vehicle safely.

Tuition Options

In order to assist trainees with the cost of Education, we provide various financing options. Our institution accepts payment for educational expenses in the form of agency funding, third party sources, loans or outside scholarships. Student funding through agency and other third party sources is based on continued funding from Federal and State government agencies.

The Future of Trucking

We operate our own Freight Company and partner with various other companies to incorporate “Real World” trucking into each training program. Students will have the opportunity to work with actual freight as part of their training.